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Team Pandemic, x3o in CEVO P Week 7.1

CEVO.COM - Call of Duty action continues tonight in CEVO with Team Pandemic taking on x3o, MoB Gaming vs. Hostile Faction and more in Week 7.1.

The COD4 season is almost over as we move on to Week 7.  Team Pandemic is currently 11-1 in CEVO and will be playing Team x3o, the only team to beat them. Second place MoB Gaming will play Hostile Faction tonight and pureEsports will play BackSlash Gaming.

Action tonight is on mp_crash, which was played all the way back in Week 3.

Following tonight, there are only two matches left, meaning only Team Pandemic, is secured for a playoff spot.  Tonight may be the deciding match for several of these teams, while others may see their playoff hopes dim even more.

Other matches include Team Dynamic vs. Frag Dominant and MoB Deep vs. Pushing the Limits. MoB Deepis currently 7-5 and need a win tonight, as they have Team x3o and pureEsports still to play.  Pushing the Limits will look to salvage at least something from their currently dismal 1-11 season.

Insider eSports will update our scores as they come in.

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quote#1 US peawok 03/03/2009 - 12:58:41
Good luck tonight!

We are certainly looking for CoD writers (as you can tell by our lack of updates), so if you are interested please feel free to message me on the site.

quote#2 US moGwai 09/03/2009 - 07:42:33
Download the x3o Media - What Happened to CoD with Mav, Chimpae, and others. It's great.

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