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CEVO P Week 6.2 Predictions

INSIDER ESPORTS - CounTeR is back with some more of what you're looking for: CEVO preds!.

EG.ca vs. Frag Dominant

After an embarrassing loss to GGNR last week in CEVO, the FD squad is looking to bounce back. Thankfully, they have the unfortunate EG.ca team to work on this week, which will likely be a much easier go than some of the other teams they'll have to play in the coming weeks. EG.ca has looked marginally better of late, so don't expect FD to just walk all over them. The map this week is pretty goofy, however, as de_tuscan is not a place where individual skill and heroism are allowed to shine very often. I just can't see FD letting another one slip in CEVO play.

FD takes it from EG.ca: 16-8.

Pandemic vs. Gravitas Gaming

Now we get to see who's really on top of the North American scene. It's going to be a battle between these teams in playoffs, and this week's match will serve as a tiny preview. The former MoB Gaming team has been a tad bit inconsistent, allowing lesser teams to take rounds and wins from them, but their place near the top of NA CS is still safe as long as they continue to maintain their record. Gravitas has been stellar thus far, with a second place ranking in CEVO and a 5-1 record in ESEA. I'll give the edge to Gravitas in this one, but not by much.

Gravitas over Pandemic: 16-13.

GG No Re vs. iDemise Gaming

I'm going to hope that GGNR's night out on the town won't happen again to my guys, because they pulled off some incredible things last week in ESEA and CEVO play with wins over my beloved iDemise and Frag Dominant. There has been very little to use as an indication of GGNR's proficiency. In fact, most signs point to a lack of it, but they remained steadfast against their opponents. If they can do it again this week, we may see some playoffs dreams shattered at the hands of a major underdog. iDemise will be looking to lock up a playoff spot during the next two weeks. I think their determination helps them stave off the upset in this one.

iDemise strikes back against GGNR: 16-7.

EG.usa vs. Team 34

Another week, another EG.usa match I have doubts about. 34 has already stunned EG once this season, and EG is not going to let that happen again. EG's recent play in leagues is a testament to what the fruits of practice can bring a team. Even at this advanced level, it is still extremely important to build on what you have from week to week. Again, EG should win this match handily, but the setting and map could make things interesting.

EG.usa up and over 34: 16-10.

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quote#1 US Portland 02/03/2009 - 11:44:01
Nice write up.

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Short but good I guess.

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