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Pandemic, Gravitas, more in CEVO Week 6.2

CEVO.COM - CEVO Professional continues tonight with the newly formed Pandemic taking on Gravitas Gaming.

Other matches include EG.ca vs. Frag Dominant, GG No Re vs. iDemise and EG.usa vs. Team 34.  x3o was set to play eMazing Gaming, but they have recently withdrew from CEVO, bringing the teams down to a total of nine.

Not much has changed recently in the standings.  Team x3o did lose again; this time to EG.usa.  They are still ranked first in the standings, but Gravitas is now directly behind them.  EG.usa and Frag Dominant are tied for third at the moment at 8-4 each, and iDemise and EG.ca finish off the standings.

Directly behind them are Team 34, who has lost steam since their first few weeks and Team Pandemic, formally MoB Gaming, who have been struggling since the beginning.  GG No Re is sitting in last at 4-8.

As we move into the final seven matches, teams are surely looking to firmly establish themselves in the playoffs.  Only six teams will make it in and no one is yet secure.

The matches begin at 9:15 PM EST tonight.

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