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Creative CompLexity Challenge: Round 3

INSIDER ESPORTS - The Creative CompLexity Challenge, with assistance from CEVO, continues today as we move on to Round 3.

Round one and two matches were riddled with forfeit wins, but today matches should get much more competitive, or at least play.  North Stars United, GameFrog, Mindscape, MugNmouse, GG No Re, FEROCITY and more will duke it out for a chance to represent CompLexity Gaming.

The four groups - A, B, C, and D - will have one winner who will then move on to the final four team bracket.  The winner there will be awarded with prizes, a contract with CompLexity for the remainder of 2009, and free travel to certain events.

With the forfeits out of the way, action will surely heat up.  Matches continue today at 4PM EST.

Insider eSports will keep watch on this tournament and post updates and recaps as they come in.


Group A

e$$ence vs. MugNMouse
Final Phase vs. Mindscape
Chronic Insanity vs. Dynasty Gaming
Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack vs. Gamefrog

Group B

element of surprise vs. RagganFraggan
Singularity vs. Out to get Alex Sanders
cpd vs. ParaGon
GG no re vs. Hardwire

Group C

Infected Romanian Bendy Straw vs. Invictus.ca
Scary Swans Scaring Swans vs. Ferocity
Fragnet vs. Art of War
Zombergulch! vs. Rock Out

Group D

Backfire vs. Agent
North Stars United vs. Varsity
Nothing is Real vs. Synchronous.NP
Endurance vs. XTL

You can find more information the on the CEVO website and CompLexity's website.

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