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GamePlay Moves to Crack! Clan

Insider eSports – Instead of going to 4Kings, as previously rumored, GamePlay has finally found a new organization with UK based Crack! Clan.

While Crack! Clan has been focused on Source based games such as Counter-Strike: Source and Team Fortress 2 this is what Crack! Clan Director Luke Cotton said that he is  "thrilled to have a team of such a high calibre as Gameplay representing Crack! as we look to establish ourselves amongst the higher echelon of professional gaming teams."

The move to Crack! Clan comes nearly two months after their departure from GamePlay, although the Finnish team had still been playing under the GamePlay tag previously and more recently for WinOut. In the turn of events unfortunately the Finnish fraggers will be letting go of Max “ruuit” Aspe, who had played with the squad for nearly three years.

“After looking for a new organisation for the last couple of months I can finally say the search is over for us as we’re joining Crack!” says Team Leader Tomi “lurppis” Kovanen “Unfortunately at the same time we’re letting go of Max “ruuit” Aspe who has been with us for nearly three years, but sadly couldn’t put in as much time anymore as the rest of us wanted to.”

Matti 'SPIKEONE' Järvinen of 4 kings fame will be replacing  Max “ruuit” Aspe.

Crack! Clan is also in other headlines today as it appears the ESL have also announced they will be replacing Giants in Group B. Group B consisting of SK, mousesports, emuLate, Alternate, and MYM, marks the teams first appearance under the Crack! Clan moniker.

Crack! Clans 2009 Counter-Strike 1.6  Roster:

Juuso 'contE' Sajakoski
Tomi 'lurppis' Kovanen
Niko 'nasu' Kovanen
Samu 'plastE' Aalto
Matti 'SPIKEONE' Järvinen

View their website for the full announecment.

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