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Pandemic Acquires MoB's 1.6 Team

INSIDER ESPORTS - Pandemic acquires a Counter Strike 1.6 team nearly two years after their last left for the Championship Gaming Series.

Ever since the CGS announcement and Mark Dolven's movement of his CS team to CSS, he took the team with him to the Carolina Core. Chris Lemley, who took up the pandemic mantle after Dolven's leave has been less involved with CS and despite success with his CSS team was picked apart in the CGS's second draft. Instead of reestablishing himself with a team, which, without a doubt, would be destroyed in one year, Lemley decided to drop CS completely from the pandemic brand. These changes were announced today.

Pandemic has chosen to pick up some familiar faces that had played previously with the Carolina Core and pandemic, now on the current MoB roster. The team consists of two former members of pandemic, Hoang "sonny" Tran and Chad "daffsta" White. Also Cyrus "org" Habibi was added who also was on their Carolina Core roster. Lastly immy "foogz" Koller and Noah "Striker" Alvarado who played for former CS giant, check-six joined to form a 5 that had great potential to be extremely successful.

"I've looked forward to this day for some time," said Chris Lemley. "Pandemic's roots are in CS and it's a move that's long overdue. I put alot of time and consideration into what our 2009 roster would be, and we evaluated many teams and individuals in the process... we certainly appreciate all those who expressed interest in playing for our organization. When it was all said and done, I simply couldn't put my faith and full support anywhere else. It's good to be back."

Chad "Daffsta" White, a mainstay of the former pandemic roster, agrees with his new boss. "It feels good to be back in Pandemic and playing 1.6 with some of my old teammates again," and that "I think this lineup has a lot more raw skill then our previous rosters and I can't wait to prove it."

His teammate Jimmy "foogz" Koller followed up, saying that he's “...glad to now be playing under the name. As we've felt very good about our development to this point as a team, the move to Pandemic gives us even more confidence as a unit moving forward in 2009."


MoB's founder and leader has said that pandemic handled themselves very well, very professionally, and they, MoB Gaming, wish to go in a different direction. Furthermore, he said that “MoB will continue to stay focused on eSports as a whole, in both PC and console, but will not sign a new Counter-Strike team until we feel it is in ours and the team's best interest to continue down that road.”

Insider eSports has contacted Pandemic for an interview.


The new roster stands at:

Hoang "sonny" Tran
Chad "Daffsta" White
Cyrus "org" Habibi
Jimmy "foogz" Koller
Noah "Striker" Alvarad

Source: Pandemic

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quote#1 US Portland 27/02/2009 - 02:32:51
Great to have pandy.cs back!

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