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EG.usa, MoB Gaming in ESEA Invite 3-2

INSIDER ESPORTS – Week 3-2 of ESEA-Invite continues tonight with some of the best and the worst of this season’s teams battling it out in the standings.

Paragon of Virtue will face off against GG No Re (formally Legacy) on de_cpl_strike tonight.  POV is winless this season and I sure hope to see things get on track.  The close match with Frag Dominant could go both ways; either it built their confidence or completely shattered it.  I believe they feel confident coming into tonight’s matchup.  Frag Dominant is one of the better teams in ESEA and North America in general.  On the other hand, GG No Re is coming off a victory to undefeated iDemise so this match will be a nail biter and with how poorly they have been playing in CEVO you have to expect some form of momentum shift.

de_cpl_strikeTonight X30, who has proven to be one of the top North American teams, will face off against EG.ca.  EG.ca has not proven to be the up and coming team Sway Gaming had looked to be.  EG.ca has had trouble pulling in victories and suffered a forfeit loss last night due to poor scheduling.  They’ll have their hands full and will need to really pull out some aces from under their sleeves to win this match.

EG.usa hopes to continue their dominance in the ESEA-I league and maintain a perfect record tonight as they are playing Mob Gaming.  Mob played poorly last match, going down at a score of 16-3 to the hands of X30. They are facing a team of equal caliber tonight, so it may be ugly unless they gain momentum early and win the key pistol rounds.

Coming off a forfeit last night, Complexity will hopefully come into this match very prepared and anxious to get on the right track.  A rough start has struck the team as they struggle to work together as well as they would like.  Little respect is given to them for their performance in CEVO-Main, because many know their true capability and see that it has not shined through. Both Complexity and eMazing Gaming are 1-4 and in need a victory or else they may catch themselves from the outside looking in come playoff time.  For eMazing, aZn will need to guide them to a win tonight with his rifle and get things started off on the right foot.

Gravitas Gaming and Frag Dominant are actually playing tonight, not last night as previously reported. Both Gravitas and Frag Dominant sitting at 4-1 seek a victory to get themselves one step closer to EG.Usa . Gravitas lead by goodfornothing hopes to have very strong T side as they did last match versus North Star. Only having one loss this season coming at the hands of iDemise in overtime Momentum is in their favor but they will have to bring their ‘A’ game to win tonight. Frag Dominant led by Naz_Lg will rely on their unorthodox pushes along with strong play out of their entire roster to win the match Word has it that Nepo will return to the lineup tonight but nothing is certain.

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