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ESL Hires eSports Legend Carmac

INSIDER ESPORTS - ESL, the largest of all electronic sports gaming leagues, has recently contracted and welcomed two time eSports Award winner, Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz.

Set to become the Product Manager of the Intel Extreme Masters, Carmac will be on site to do what he does best at the Intel Extreme Masters Global Finals, in Hannover Germany, live and uncut on ESL TV.
I call Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz a legend because that is exactly what he is. The polish eSports journalist has been covering the competitive gaming scene for 5 years and in that time has created numerous formats now popular in eSports coverage, in addition to winning the eSports Award two consecutive years. Carmac introduced us to the hilariously eccentric characters of Uszat and Sasha Tsapaev (videos below). One might think these characters are the duality of Carmac himself, hugely emphatic in his excitement and dare I say outspoken with his criticism, he is one of the most prominent voices in eSports.

This position with ESL is the first after a one year run as SK Gamings Editor-in-Chief. The Intel Extreme Masters has been hugely successful this season, with $750,000 in prize money and events spanning the globe, this is only the beginning for Carmac as he has stated that his goal is to improve all aspects of the Intel Extreme Masters.

"I feel very happy and honored about the opportunity to work on one of the biggest eSports ventures. Throughout my time in eSports I have written about and analysed almost every eSports tournament there was. The time has come to start building something. I have many ideas and a great deal of enthusiasm which should help me put them into practice,” Michael “Carmac” Blicharz said.

With nine tournaments all over the globe and hundreds of matches in it, the Intel Extreme Masters is the world's most prolific deliverer of eSports excitement. My journalistic background will help me make a difference in how that excitement is delivered to the eSports community. I am hoping that my presence in the ESL will help not only the company but eSports in general,” he added.

Lending his creative energy, knowledge, and experience to the Intel Extreme Masters, he hopes to shape the event into the future of eSports.

Carmac will be providing extended video coverage at CeBIT fulfilling his role as an investigative reporter as he continues to get acclimated to the structure of the company. All footage and coverage will be found on the CeBIT website as the event moves forward.

Photo from GGL.

Uszat does Paris (SK-Gaming)

Sasha Tsapaev (SK-Gaming)

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