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A Response to Mike's Poem

Fnatic Parts with WC3

INSIDER ESPORTS - Fnatic says good bye to its WC3 squad, remnants continue under Clan Go.

 Fnatic's successful Warcraft III team has left the organization, in what seems to be a mutual decision. Exact details about the reasons why they are leaving have not been released, both parties have stated that there is no ill-will between them and will leave on good terms. Fnatic management even going as far as saying they will help them find another organization.

 An excerpt from Fnatic's official statement:

"After a lot of excitement and a great year, we are sad to announce the closure of our Warcraft III squad. The decision to shut down our WC3 squad came after many hours of discussion and many factors had an impact on it.

Unfortunately, a middle ground couldn't be reached between the players and the management. We would like to thank them for their services and for being very loyal and professional players. They will continue to play under the name Team Go, and we wish them the best of luck.

'A little less than a year back we re-started WC3 in fnatic with the aim of achieving success in the WC3L and other leagues. Despite the odds stacked against us and the limited resources at our disposal we (as a team) managed to achieve something very special which will always be remembered in WC3L history. Today WC3 departs from fnatic and it's a sad day for all of us who worked with them over the course of the year. They will continue to compete as a team and from what I know Kei will quit to pursue his university and MinHyuk will go to the army and I have my doubts about Space continuing on with them but, Shy and FoCuS will continue as Clan Go and I will continue to help them till they hopefully find a new organization. Speaking from the rest of the management side all I have to say is we had a great time with them and we wish them the best of luck in the future.' -Elroy "Noname" Pinto


The former fnaticMSI.WC3 squad was:

flag flag Park "Shy" Chul Woo
flag flag Hyosub "FoCuS" Eom
flag flag Seung "Space" Hyeon Park
flag flag Jo "Minhyuk" Minhyuk
flag flag DaeDuck "Kei" Yoon"

Sources: Fnatic

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quote#1 US seyosk 26/02/2009 - 13:56:36
I am not a huge fan of RTS, or at all, but it is never a good feeling seeing such a good team part ways.

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