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Team x3o, EG.usa, more in CEVO-P Week 6.1

INSIDER ESPORTS - CEVO action continues tonight on de_tuscan with team x3o facing off with EG.usa and Frag Dominant playing MoB Gaming.

Team x3o, the only team to remain with only one loss last week and currently sitting in first place with a record of 9-1, is playing the team of legends EG.usa, who sit at 6-4.  This match will be their final before they may face again at the KODE5 USA Finals.

Frag Dominant is currently tied for third – directly behind Gravitas Gaming – with EG.usa after a surprising loss to GG No Re, formally Legacy eSports.  They are playing against MoB Gaming tonight.

eMg plays EG.ca for the third time in recent history. Gravitas plays GG No Re, whose momentum with the win over Frag Dominant and beat a weakened Gravitas who lost to iDemise, to see if they can still pull some upsets late into the season. Finally team 34 (3–7) and iDemise (4–5) battle it out to see who has a hope at a playoff spot.

The map tonight is de_tuscan, a map that we have seen but most teams probably aren’t practicing too heavily, especially with KODE 5 USA Finals coming up.  Expect a few unprepared teams but, on the opposite end, some very well prepared ones.  iDemise, for instance, did very well on de_forge – a map that few teams likely practiced intensively – so teams could prove to have a scenario similar to that.

As the season winds down, look for the level of play to rise as each team is looking for a playoff berth.

Scores will be updated here.

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