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Gravitas, Frag Dominant in ESEA Invite

INSIDER ESPORTS - ESEA Invite continues tonight with Gravitas, Frag Dominant facing off as well as the winless EG.ca and CompLexity teams.de_cpl_strike

Tonight we have two of the top dogs in ESEA-Invite battling it out on de_cpl_strike. Both Gravitas and Frag Dominant sitting at 4-1 seek a victory to get themselves one step closer to EG.Usa . Gravitas lead by goodfornothing hopes to have very strong T side as they did last match versus North Star. Only having one loss this season coming at the hands of iDemise in overtime Momentum is in their favor but they will have to bring there A game to win tonight. Frag Dominant led by Naz_Lg will rely on their unorthodox pushes along with strong play out of Naz_Lg and nooblert-wp- to top frag and lead them to a ‘W’ tonight.  Word has it that Nepo will return to the lineup tonight but nothing is certain.

EG.CA along with Complexity will both be seeking their first win tonight in ESEA-Invite. While both teams are struggling in Invite, don’t disregard them as they are very talented and are both trying to find themselves.  Strike is the kind of map where mid control is very important as it allows you to enter 3 different pathways to sites along with window.  Expect Zid to have a very strong match as this map is AWP favored with its open sites. Evil Geniuses will be coming out guns blazing after a frustrating loss to North Stars United as they hope to not let this match slip away as well.

North Stars United faces off against iDemise tonight as well. Expect high frag totals out of sKz with a deadly m4 which North Stars hope will lead the pathway to reaching the middle of the pack in the standings. On the other hand iDemise has shown very strong play as they have won the close matches with the upper tier teams before being devastated last match to ruin their undefeated record. With no real standout sharp shooter they hope that they can outsmart their opponent as they have done throughout the season shown by their continual success. Bouncing back tonight with a win will keep them atop the standings and get things rolling back on track.

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