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NVIDIA and ESWC Renew a Partnership?

MYMYM.COM – In mid-December of 2008, the ESWC had removed the logo of their main sponsor, Nvidia, from www.eswc.com and announced they had cut their partnership with them.

In recent days, however, the Nvidia logo once again adorned the ESWC website, leading some to believe that a new deal is in the works.

Quoted from myMYM.com, ESWC's Sylvain Maillard noted that “NVIDIA is still a partner but not a worldwide one as it had been during the course of the 2008 season.”

What exactly NVIDIA will remain on and help produce for ESWC is uncertain and remains unanswered.  NVIDIA was one of ESWC’s main partners in 2008, but the economic recession caused NVIDIA to pull out of their partnership.

ESWC recently announced the ESWC Asia Masters at Cheonan and – correlating to the timing of the logo addition – could mean that NVIDIA will be partnering for that event.

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