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Wii60 Dream Coming True Soon?

INSIDER ESPORTS - Will the Wii60 - or the combination of the Wii and Xbox360 - come true?
Last week, the hot topic across many forum boards was the topic of motion sensitivity for the X-box 360. The reports come from a news post from Israeli daily Haaretz, claiming that Microsoft was more than willing to throw $35 million to help 3DV systems, a store located in Haifa, get on its feet.
3DV systems company says that their camera is at a higher caliber than that of the Playstation EyeToy and Microsoft Vision, and will provide a much more enriching style of game play in the motion sensing department than Nintendo and it’s Wii as well.

3DV says, about their technology, that “for the first time ever, you can use your body freely to control games, no wearables required, no limitations attached. Move your hand, leg, head or finger in any direction and setting, moving quickly or making fine, minor movement; all these gestures are easily detected and understood by the system, creating a unique, personalized, and immersive gaming experience. This experience is complemented by the ability to combine your own 3D image inside the game scene, in real time."

Could this be the new "Wii60" that many hope will one day come true?

As of right now, Microsoft has no comment on the matter.

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