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A Response to Mike's Poem

The Next Generation with Insider eSports

INSIDER ESPORTS - Next Generation Servers launches new website and partners with Insider eSports.

In recent years, Next Generation Servers have become a mainstay in the esports community, and has been regarded as the highest quality server provider available. Next Gen has provided their services to such organizations as, the Championship Gaming Series, x3o, team Complexity, Frag Dominant, and many others. Their servers have been regarded as the new gold-standard when it comes to performance and quality. Any one of their reviews will tell you that their services definitely meet the hype.Today, NXGS released a brand new website with a few changes that will certainly keep new and old customers happy.

Furthermore, Insider eSports is excited to announce that Next Generation Servers has officially become our first partner. We look forward to working closely with Next Generation Servers for special planned events and exclusive promotions. I have personally followed Next Gen almost from their conception and I am thrilled to see how they've become what they are today. I sat down with Adam; the owner and CEO of NXGS, to talk about the future and their new web site.


Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me Adam. To start off, can you give everyone a little background about yourself and NextGenServers? Also, can you tell us how you started, what teams you have provided services for?

Well, as many people know I'm the Chief Executive Officer of Next-Generation Game Servers. We host high performance game servers. Its our job to provide an ultra reliable and performing server. We've been in business for over 4 years now, and we have sponsored the Championship Gaming Series, x3o, Frag Dominant, Eximius Sports, and many others in the past. When it came right down to it, our servers won us the CGS league sponsorship. People stay with us because of our awesome support and next-generation performing servers.

Can you tell us about your new site and it's features?

Well, basically we need a refreshed look. No doubt about it. Our website was getting stale, and we have many complaints when people viewed our site and navigated through it. Due to the economy, we decided to change it up a little bit in-terms of pricing, so we dropped the prices a bit. We now have a almost re-design of our old website, new server packages (brands such as the X Series Servers). Our website now allows you to explore your options when purchasing from us. It's a vast improvement over our current site, and its been long overdue.

What type of services can we expect from Next-Gen in the future?
Well we vastly improved the way we look at game servers. We modified our famous custom Linux kernel quite a bit, and made adjustments to our website. Customers who have had our servers before know about the issues we've had with our website and the stability of it all. In the end, we changed it up. We now have redundant backups incase our website happens to go down. Our security on our server is top notch and we will now be offering web-hosting and SHOUTcast servers for people to purchase. We will also be starting to roll in custom gaming boxes for people who want more than 4 servers.

How is Next-Gen different than other providers?

Three things.. Customer Service - Infrastructure - Operating System. These combined elements make for the best experience that many if not any provider can't touch. NextGenServers has been in the game, we've seen companies come and go.  We're solid from the ground up and people never stop ordering from us why? We're consistent. You should hear how many times we get compliments, about how other provider's server go down the tube after a week or two. We're pro-active about our servers, and we take measures so that doesn't happen, and if it does happen, it is always easily fixable.

What are some of your goals for Next-Gen?

Since the economic disasters of the U.S. market, we know people are having trouble paying their bills and losing their jobs. We are setting high goals, as we lower our pricing and making it affordable for everyone to get a NextGen. However, and this is a big however, We are NOT sacrificing quality. We are not stacking our boxes to adjust to the lower pricing. We will still provide the best performance for the dollar. As for other goals, I believe we are going to expand more into other markets, but I can't get much into that.. Sorry

Thanks for your time Adam! Any last words?

Building this company from the ground up, I know what it takes to operate and progress Next-Generation Game Servers far beyond our competition. If you have not tried a server, request a test (Its on our new website), it doesn't hurt to try. If you are currently with a different provider and aren't happy with it, like I said try us out. What have you got to lose? We are customer oriented company, and we are nothing without you as a customer. We appreciate all the business and support we receive from our business partners and our clients! I want to thank everyone on my staff for making Next-Generation Game Servers a flourishing company that many know today as the golden standard of game servers.
Thanks Jon!


To view NXGS' new website or to view their products/deals go to:  www.nextgenservers.com !

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quote#1 US TimL 24/02/2009 - 00:20:00
Great iview Port. :)

quote#2 US peawok 24/02/2009 - 01:12:53
Great stuff. Glad to have them on board with us.

quote#3 US TheUltimateGamer31 24/02/2009 - 01:34:52
Good Iview port. Its so excited to see that we have our first media partner. :P

quote#4 CA Quartz 24/02/2009 - 11:23:03
Someone should tell them that the word is spelled, ridiculous, and not rediculous.

Also, when you click on Services, then Gameservers, then click on 1.6, I don't really like being forced to buy Shitource.

I'd like to buy what I came there to buy, and as such probably turned me off of their services, for their lack of knowledge in simple linking structures.

quote#5 US peawok 24/02/2009 - 12:23:09
Originally posted by CA QuartzSomeone should tell them that the word is spelled, ridiculous, and not rediculous.

Also, when you click on Services, then Gameservers, then click on 1.6, I don't really like being forced to buy Shitource.

I'd like to buy what I came there to buy, and as such probably turned me off of their services, for their lack of knowledge in simple linking structures.

I'm surprised something like that went unnoticed, but I'll let Adam know when I speak to him today.

quote#6 US nxgadam 24/02/2009 - 16:36:16
Resolving the issues mentioned above. When I do things, especially when I have time, its at night. It still doesn't excuse the fact that it was incorrect.

I fixed the issues for you though :)

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