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Team sYnck Returns to Active Play

GOTFRAG.COM - Team sYnck returns to active Counter Strike play.

After a year of inactivity the Estionian team sYnck are now back in business. The long time members Rainer "Dodz" Trossek, Jaan "lorenzo" Lorens and Janar "Janz" Sits are back on the team.  Combined with Konstantin "Volcom" Solovjov, Erik "viski" Poldmets and Gevin "false" Kalm, the six man roster has some solid experience in past WCG events.

The team will maintain a six man roster.  According to a statement from Janar "Janz" Sits to GotFrag.com, this is because Lorenzo is going to Australia for two years and that will later leave them with five players.

The current sYnck team is:

Rainer "Dodz" Trossek
Janar "Janz" Sits
Konstantin "Volcom" Solovjov
Erik "viski" Poldmets
Jaan "lorenzo" Lorens
Gevin "false" Kalm

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