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CEVO P Week 5.2 Predictions

CEVO-Professional Week 5.2 Predictions - CounTeR is back, again, with another round of delicious CEVO predictions.

EG.usa vs. EG.ca

EG.usa has been working their way to the top since their underwhelming start to the season, while EG.ca has been hanging on for dear life, having dropped a number of matches to lower-tier teams. EG.usa on their good nights reminds me of the late 2006 coL team, while their bad nights are reminiscent of what the community thought coL's first professional roster would end up as in late 2004.  Hopefully, EG.usa will be able to get their act together for the remainder of these league seasons. EG.ca is still trying to find a foothold on the CEVO-P mountain. The talent is there, but the teamwork isn't. Here's to hoping that every slip's not a slide.

EG.usa maintains their forward momentum, rolling over EG.ca: 16-6

eMg vs. MoB

The seemingly dead eMg is slated to take on an MoB team that is still knocking the rust off of their 1.6 installs. I think it is more likely that MoB would be missing out on a win than eMg if this match were not played.

MoB > eMg: 16-8

Gravitas Gaming vs. iDemise

The teams playing in CEVO-P seem to have my beloved iDemise's number, as they just can't string together the wins like they have been in ESEA. Gravitas is well on their way to become a major North American force, but their occasionally inconsistent play may hold them back in later stages of league or LAN play. iDemise's matches played against Gravitas have provided some substantial fireworks thus far, with both meetings in league play resulting in overtime decisions. I can see this one being another squeaker.

iDemise puts a move on GG: 16-14

x3o vs. Team 34

Almost halfway through the season, it has become clear who the contenders and pretenders are. x3o has proven to be one of the premier North American teams, taking a win at their namesake event and earning some massive wins in league play. 34 has allowed the older team's problems to rear their ugly heads throughout their play in CEVO. Looking mighty one week and faltering the next. Unless some changes are made, I can't see 34 rebounding from their difficult start. The competition they're playing certainly won't make things any easier on them.

x3o shuts down 34: 16-4

Frag Dominant vs. GG No Re

What's that thing about leftovers being better the day after? It looks like EG's leftovers have been stewing quite nicely for the last few weeks, turning into a formidable team that's is capable of sticking it to whoever they're facing. The former Legacy's play leaves a lot to be desired, consistently getting out positioned by their opponents. I can't see GG No Re weaseling their way out of this one.

FD all over the former Legacy crew: 16-4.

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