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wNv will miss Extreme Masters Finals

INSIDERESPORTS - The winner of Extreme Masters Chengdu, wNv, will be missing the Extreme Masters Finals due to visa issues.

In about a week, CeBIT and ESL's Extreme Masters will hold their Extreme Masters tournament.  The winner of Extreme Masters Chengdu, wNv will be missing the event, however, due to visa issues.

This is not the first time a Chinese team has had to skip an event due to visa problems; another noticeable event where the Chinese couldn't attend is the Champion Gaming Series.  Many of the Asian teams - especially Chinese teams - have had trouble obtaining visas for tournaments outside China.  At the moment, ESL has not published a replacement team.

It's possible that another team will move on from the Continental Finals Europe.  This, however, has not been confirmed by the ESL organization yet.

In addition, it is reported that two wNv players, savage and zy are leaving the organization.  Sources state that savage is leaving due to the wNv visa issues, and zy has decided to focus on his studies.

wNv is still listed in the list of participants, but will not be attending the event.

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