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KODE5 USA Qualifier Seeds Announced

KODE5.COM - KODE5 announced the tournament seeds for the KODE5 USA Qualifier Finals, where eight of America's best will compete for a chance in the global finals.

The seeding for the KODE5 USA Qualifier event were released earlier today, with EG.usa taking the first seed with x3o right behind them.

Many would say that EG.usa is not entirely deserving of this seed; they have performed sub par of expectations.  They did, however, win the LAN KODE5 USA Qualifier held several weeks ago, which appears to be the reason why they are placed above Team x3o.

The late additions to the Qualifiers received the final four seeds.

The KODE5 USA event will be held at Lethal Gamers, March 14th and 15th.  The winner of the event will be sent to Moscow, Russia, for the Global Finals in May.

KODE5 has also revealed that the tournament will be a single map, double elimination bracket. The first set of matches is:

- EG.usa v. Team 34
- Frag Dominant v. Complexity
- Gravitas Gaming v. Texas All Stars
- MoB Gaming v. x3o

 The seeds are:

1. EG.usa
2. x3o
3. Gravitas Gaming
4. Complexity
5. Frag Dominant
6. Texas All Stars
7. MoB
8. Team 34

Insider eSports will have a preview of this major tournament closer to the event date, as well as interviews with some of the players for the event. 

The full announcement can be located here.

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