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Name: Jason Kai
Age: 23
Location: Mississauga, Ontario

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Quick Update!

Alright, so I haven’t posted anything this week and I thought I would give you guys a quick update! I’ve been busy with a side project I started (like I’ve mentioned in my previous few posts). I had thought about switching over my blogs so it had something to do with videos, but then I decided I didn’t want to do much video editing until I get my MacBook (which will hopefully be this Sunday) so when I get my MacBook look for some video blogs from me to come out.

Now I realized I haven’t mentioned anything about my side project besides saying it’s a side project. I’ve recently started doing guitar covers for friends who request them and that’s taken up most of my time. That’s only half of the side project however. The other half involves me writing my own songs. I’ve finished writing one song with music and everything, but until I get my MacBook I won’t be recording it and editing to post on YouTube!

I think I may have mentioned that I had another side project in mind that some of you may here soon. Well that side project is still in development because I don’t know how I want to go with my idea. So yeah lets
it leave it at that.

And instead of a quote for this blog, I would like to leave a music video of a song from a movie which I’m sure some of you have watched. The music video is more related to an idea I have for my next blog, but I thought I should post it here first anyways. Even if you don’t like this type of music, just sit through the 3 minutes it plays and listen to it and you’ll know why I chose to add it to this blog.

- Kai


EDIT: Oh, before I forget, I've decided to drop my WordPress blog because I've realized that most of my blog views are from Complexity's website. The other reason is so I don't have to keep track of so many different things at once with guitar covers and blogging and all that fun stuff.

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