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CEVO Responds to Moe, Criticizes GotFrag

CEVO.COM - CEVO, one of America's leading leagues, responds to Mohammad "moe" Assad's accusations that CEVO refused to pay his prize money.

After nearly a week without a statement about the situation with Mohammad "moe" Assad, CEVO has publicly released a statement on their website.  In it, they state that CEVO was not given an opportunity to comment on GotFrag.com's interview with Assad, and when they were finally contacted, the interview was never posted.

CEVO goes on to criticize GotFrag.com, stating that they are owned by a rival and to be wary of biases and publications which promote and support Major League Gaming.  They add that CompLexityGaming.com did ask for a statement before posting Assad's claims.

An email has been left with Marc Turner, Gotfrag.com Editor in Chief, for a statement.

The entire statement by CEVO is included below.  You may read the full, unreleased interview here.


Late last week, Moe "mOE" Assad - a player with Optx - gave interviews with two major eSports websites (Complexity Gaming and GotFrag) in which he made various accusations against CEVO and some of our partners, including claims that CEVO was withholding payment for Source Season 7 for personal reasons.

While Complexity Gaming offered CEVO an opportunity to respond prior to posting an article, GotFrag chose to publish Mr. Assad's interview in its entirety without contacting CEVO in advance for comment.

It is important for the community to know that GotFrag was acquired by Major League Gaming, a direct competitor to CEVO. We encourage you to question the quality, validity, and motivations of GotFrag’s content in this regard.

CEVO was eventually contacted by a separate writer for GotFrag, who did interview CEVO President Charlie Plitt, for an article that was purportedly to be published at a later time. However, said article has yet to be published by GotFrag despite being delivered by CEVO.

Had CEVO been afforded an opportunity to respond, it would have been noted that a check to Mr. Assad had already been printed prior to his interviews being published, and at this time has been confirmed that Mr. Assad received his check for his CSS Season 7 winnings on Tuesday, February 17th. It would also have been noted that Mr. Assad's team had been disqualified from the recent Alienware event when CMN detected two other Optx players cheating during the finals match.

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quote#1 US Ghost 18/02/2009 - 19:13:23
Hmm, very interesting indeed :)

quote#2 US AesoSpadez 19/02/2009 - 21:32:42
That's bullshit and they know it. I was in ventrilo when Justin "Deathis" Chichester contacted Plitt before the article was posted, asking for a response. Plitt said that CEVO declined.

They're just embarrassed at their own employee's actions and are trying to cover their own asses.

quote#3 US TaGMinion 20/02/2009 - 01:35:31
What is E - sports gaining from this? in the events of either way the story unfolded? either way in my mind its bs

quote#4 US peawok 20/02/2009 - 10:24:28
I had an opportunity to speak to Plitt and he really is standing fast to CEVO's statements above.

I think both sides aren't telling the whole story, but - in my opinion - it's best to just let it die and go away.

CEVO is and will remain an important part to NA eSports, regardless of ESEA League or the rumored CAL pay-to-play + cash prize league.

quote#5 US ExpliSit`1 20/02/2009 - 13:14:01
I agree with Peawok that everyone needs to let this die. Let the two parties involved work this out, by making it public and harping on it is only going to hurt esports.

quote#6 US CEVO|Celone 23/02/2009 - 13:58:16
Peawok is correct in his opinion, this should already be dead. The player was paid and all he is doing now is trying to sway an entire community from utilizing a premier online gaming league which will never happen.

Also, to comment, I'm not sure who "Deaththis" is, but I am a contact between the Gotfrag editors and CEVO when it comes to CSS articles and I never saw a "Deaththis" in CEVO vent. The person who came from Gotfrag was Divito and he only came after rumors of this article about to be published came about and I questioned both editors if they were going to get a statement from CEVO. Both Shrew and Singlecoil, the chief editors of Gotfrag knew CEVO had a statement.

quote#7 US FODDER 23/02/2009 - 17:05:32
Agreed with Peawok there.

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