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KODE 5 Adds 4 to KODE5.USA

KODE5.COM - KODE 5 adds four more teams to the USA Qualifiers on March 14th.

"Last week, KODE5 announced the four teams that were going to the KODE5 USA Regional Finals in Dallas. Afterwards, many esports fans wondered if there was a way to get more teams to compete." they stated on their website.  "Well, KODE5 has listened, and to make the event even more exciting, KODE5 has decided to double the team count from four to eight."

KODE5 has added Frag Dominant, Texas All Stars, MoB and Team 34 to the list of teams for the Qualifiers.

"The Frag Dominant family is very grateful that KODE5 has opened a slot for us to compete in the USA Regional Finals taking place in March. We are thrilled on having the chance to represent our country in Moscow, and look forward to an exciting competitive event," said Michael Guevara, Frag Dominant.

"KODE5 has always been about the community, and this change is meant to give the community the matchups they want to see," said Thomas Kuhlenbach, KODE5's Revolutionary-At-Arms. "With the addition of these four teams, the roster of participants at KODE5 USA will represent America's best Counter-Strike talent, and we are very much looking forward to seeing who will end up taking the title."

There is speculation on who Texas Allstars are using as their five players for the event.  Zid played for them at the Lethal Gamers Qualifier (where they placed second behind EG.usa), but CompLexity was invited to the USA Qualifiers as well.

"We're very glad and relieved to be invited to the KODE5 US Finals. We felt pretty down when we heard that it was a 4 team invite tournament being that we really had no control over the situation, and now we're just very happy to be a part of it and excited to be able compete for a spot in the global finals," Jimmy Koller of MoB Gaming said.

"We're very excited to be invited to the KODE5 USA Finals. It was disappointing to know that only four teams would be able to compete for a chance to represent the USA at the global finals, but now we're extremely happy that we have the chance to compete with the other teams," Blake Burton, Leader of Team 34, added.

The official list is:

- EG.usa (Qualified at KODE5 USA Regional Qualifier)
- X3O (Invite team #1)
- Gravitas Gaming (Invite team #2)
- compLexity Gaming (Invite team #3)
- Frag Dominant
- Texas All Stars
- MoB
- Team 34

KODE5 also adds that they will be releasing the seedings for the KODE5 tournament this Friday, February 20.

Insider eSports will prepare a team preview closer to the tournament date, as well as interviews and predictions.

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