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Fnatic Adjusts Game Idol's Rules

INSIDER ESPORTS – Fnatic makes a few changes to their Game Idol event.  

Apparently the majority can win in eSports. After what can only be described as a wave of feedback reaches the Fnatic.MSI management, changes were made to Game Idol.

The official announcement says that:

"The most complaints were around Game Idol being UK and non-contracted player only. We originally wanted to help nurture the UK community, and build our presence there but after reviewing it we have decided that we will change to the signups to include Europeans in order to find a team which can truly represent the FNATIC brand. It would also be the best option to put any team FNATIC might pickup through rigorous testing by allowing them to play the best of the best and therefore we are opening the tournament up to contracted players as well."

Fnatic.com adds that even though contracted players are allowed to participate, they will not be picked up.  Finalists will be chosen amongst players that are non-contracted unless in the exception that there is a mutual agreement in place with the contracting team.

Game Idol is Fnatic's way of finding a brand new source team.  They are hosting a tournament where the winner will be invited to the Fnatic.MSI organization to play under their name.

The official rule changes are:

    * European teams are allowed

    * We allow contract players to participate

    * We will pick the best non-contracted team from the finalists (unless agreed otherwise)

One can only expect the level of competition that teams must compete at to be named Fnatic.MSI.  There will a small prize pot added to the tournament to make it more appealing for contracted teams as well.

View the update in full here.

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quote#1 US seyosk 19/02/2009 - 02:48:01
Great move on Fnatic's part.

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