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Confis Adds dRu, Source Team

INSIDER ESPORTS – Confis replaces their Counter-Strike 1.6 team and adds a new Counter Strike: Source team.

Announced yesterday, the Confis team has added a new Counter-strike 1.6 team to their growing endeavors.

From now on the French squad known as Roxor United, or dRu, will be wearing the Confis color and sporting an Adidas sponsor to boot.

With great finishes at multiple events, dRu should prove a great addition to the Confis team.

1st - WCG French Qualifications (September 2008)
1st - WCG French Finals (November 2008)
9-16th – WCG Finals (November 2008)
3rd - ESL EPS French LAN Finals (February 2009)

Rémi 'loduN' Colas had this to say on the Confis website: (www.confis.org)

"We are very proud that we can play under Confis.iG team and we'll do maximum to represent them in the best form. It's an honour for us, that we can play under both teams - Czech and French. We'll do maximum to be the best, herewith you are welcome on the SPG LAN, where you can watch us in action."

In addition to replacing the previous 1.6 team Confis has also picked up an all new source team.

Formerly of the team Teamwork is leader Péter 'Nomad' Horváth, formerly of
mousesports and MYM.Aim4Fame.

The Confis 1.6 Line-up is:

Rémi 'loduN' Colas
Rodolphe 'Diodel' Verloës
Rémy 'RevZ' Prieur
Nicolas 'Dr.Crow' Vaissaud
Najim 'moderatioN' Mounib

Confis.Counter-Strike Source lineup is:
Péter 'Nomad' Horváth
Attila 'ATL' Budair
Krisztián 'FireFly' Lakatos
Peter 'BULLDOG' Lukacs
András 'ultor' Cseh

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