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Soul Calibur 4 Racine, WI Tournament Res..


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Soul Calibur 4 Racine, WI Tournament Results

Racine, WI 12/27/08 Soul Calibur 4, Tekken 6 and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Tournament ResultsSnippet: Fuzion, MateoGalvan and Jimmy “Pikachu” Choi take top three spots in Soul Calibur 4 tournament. Antonio C. wins Tekken 6, and JFrisco beats Syxx in the HD Remix round robin finals.
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Round Robin (PS3)
1) JFrisco (Ryu, Ken, Balrog) 9pts
2) Syxx (Cammy) 9pts
3) Antonio C (Ryu) 6pts
4) ShadowHado (M. Bison, Dee Jay, Blanka) 3pts
4) MateoGalvan (Ryu, Akuma) 3pts

JFrisco (Balrog, Ryu) vs Syxx (Chun-li, Cammy)
JFrisco wins 3-2 in a FT3

HD Remix Money Match Results:
Antonio (Ryu) vs Syxx (Cammy)
Antonio C. wins 10-8

Antonio (Ryu) vs JFrisco (Ryu)
Antonio wins 5-4

Soul Calibur 4 (PS3)
1) Fuzion
2) MateoGalvan
3) Jimmy "Pikachu" Choi

Tekken 6 (Arcade)
Unfortunately, Bloodline Rebellion was unavailable for the end of year tourney. However, the Tekken 6 machine should be upgraded by the next Racine tournament.
1) Antonio C.
2) MateoGalvan
3) ShadowHado

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