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SteelSeries Releases New QCK+

INSIDER ESPORTS - SteelSeries releases new editions of the already successful QcK+, including one with MYM|Moon, sparking "Will he return?".

SteelSeries, one of the largest companies within the gaming gear market, has announced that a new edition of the widely popular QcK+ will be produced.

Many of the top teams around the world, such as MYM, fnatic, mibr and SK are all sponsored by SteelSeries and every single one of them – except SK – will have their own version of the QcK+.

SteelSeries created three different designs.  They are normal QCK+ texture, but have one of the three organizations logo printed on them.  

One, however, has sparked interest among fans.  When MYM let the WC3 department go, Moon – one of their premier players – left as well.  Moon’s face, however, appears on one of the mousepads.  Some have asked if he is “on his way back to MYM?”

MYM did add Grubby back today, but said nothing of Moon as of yet.

A full press release and pictures can be found here (link to

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