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GamePlay to 4Kings?

INSIDER ESPORTS - GamePlay's Enemy Down roster includes 4Kings' manager Ian "Javax" Leckey, adding to suspicions about a new roster addition from 4Kings.

One of the best teams in Finland was, some time ago, called Roccat and after that GamePlay.  At the end of December, GamePlay - the Russian TV Channel - lost a large amount of money due to the financial crisis and dropped the GamePlay team.  Since then, the team has played online without a real name.  It now appears, however, that the team has found itself a new home.

The entire team might be joining up with 4Kings, as per web pages and sources say.  4Kings has also been rumored to be searching for an American team as well.

Nothing has yet been published at 4Kings' website, but the Generel Manager of 4Kings, Ian "Javax" Leckey, is a part of the team that is signed up at Enemy Down.

Since no official statement has been given we cannot be sure if this is a confirmed addition. Looking at the 4Kings' website, we can tell that big news is coming soon in both the sponsor and content areas, meaning an addition is certainly possible.

The news is to be announced sometime in the next three-four days.

You can view the 4Kings website here.

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