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CEVO P Week 4.2 Predictions

INSIDER ESPORTS - Counter-Strike Staff Writer Justin "CounTeR" Goulais is back on the horse with a new set of CEVO predictions.

After a brief hiatus, I'll be bringing you the goods on CEVO-P CS 1.6 for the remainder of the season. Of course, my bosses will be prodding me to get them done the entire way, but at least we'll have a steady stream of Counter-Strike coverage for all of you to enjoy.

Team 34 vs. EG.ca

These two teams appear to be on different sides of the CEVO-P mountain of success. Team 34 is on the way down, having been dropped hard by MoB and FD last week. EG.ca, on the other hand, is climbing their way up, with recent wins against MoB and iDemise. de_nuke tends to favour passive teams that don't mind playing a waiting game, something that EG.ca has had to rely on during matches, as they lack an outstanding or consistent fragger. Team 34 has been a thorn in the side of these major organizations, and they'll certainly put a hurting on EG.ca if my Northern cousins can't keep it together on T side.

Team 34 digs in against EG.ca: 16-10.

EG.usa vs. Legacy Gaming

EG.usa was purported as a world beater, and with such big names flying the EG flag, it's hard not to agree with early sentiments surrounding this team. However, they've hit a major snag: a succinct lack of teamwork and chemistry that often results in botched clutch round denials and nade miscues. Legacy has been a supreme underdog in every match so far, but they showed us some flashes of brilliance against EG.ca (twice) and x3o. EG.usa on a good night is pretty hard to handle, but when things aren't going right, they fall on their faces and are quickly trampled by the other team's strats. Legacy will put up a fight, but I hope for all of the fanboys' sake that EG takes this one.

EG.usa makes things miserable for Legacy: 16-6.

eMazing Gaming vs. iDemise

It's been a week of up and downs for both eMg and my beloved iDemise, as close games and unfortunate losses have seen them on top one match night and in the dumps the next. iDemise had been playing things tight up until their major loss to x3o in Week 3.2, but a pair of wins in ESEA has them feeling good again. Conversely, ESEA become a source of frustration for eMg, with a comparatively narrow win over NSU, and an extremely close loss to MoB. Unfortunately for iDemise, they'll have to go another week without returning iD all star, Shawn "Des1re" Khan. This will be a close one, and a good match to see the contrast between an aggressive frag hungry team (iDemise) and a passive, catch-you-looking-the-other-way team (eMg).

iDemise pulls a fast one on eMg: 16-13.

Gravitas Gaming vs. Frag Dominant

A previously unlikely playoff preview commences this week with Gravitas and FD getting it on. Gravitas is supposed to be at the top of North American CS having established themselves as a premier team during the 2008 season, while the EG.usa leftovers on FD were supposed to be near it, waiting on someone to take a spill and move in. Both of these scenarios turned out to be the case, with GG laying the smackdown and racking up 5 wins in a row in CEVO before being (barely) bested by EG.usa. FD has done much of the same, with only two loses to great teams providing some reason to doubt them in this match. Gravitas may be one of those teams of destiny, and the result from this match will confirm or deny my feelings.

Gravitas over FD: 16-11.

MoB Gaming vs. x3o

I'm not entirely sure what to make of MoB. Are they the next great North American power? They have the potential to be, but something just isn't right. Their spotty record in CEVO is evidence of this. They spend a week tearing things up, then the next week getting rick rolled by teams they should have easily taken down based off of their performances the week before. MoB is certainly one of the most inconsistent professional teams in CEVO play, but when the playoff crunch occurs, their talent can't be discounted. x3o has been the complete opposite in terms of week-to-week performances, and their status in the community as the best team that North America has to offer is indicative of their abilities. x3o is going to have to learn quickly which MoB they will be playing this week. If it's the good one (like the MoB that was playing in ESEA) they might be in trouble.

x3o continues on their way to the playoffs, delivering another loss to MoB: 16-7.

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iDemise pulls a fast one on eMg: 16-13.

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