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Gravitas, Frag Dominant in CEVO 4.2

INSIDER ESPORTS – CEVO action continues tonight with Gravitas vs. Frag Dominant, x3o vs. MoB Gaming and more on de_nuke.

CEVO Week 4.2 starts tonight with several key matches on the slate.  Gravitas recently lost to EG.usa but missed their Week 4.1 match against eMg.  They have yet to reschedule that match.
Frag Dominant will look to win tonight to push ahead of Gravitas in the standings.  They are a game behind, but should they win tonight, they are ahead in a tie-breaker situation.

Team x3o and MoB Gaming will play tonight as well.  Team x3o is the best in the league currently – their only loss coming from Gravitas – and MoB has had their ups and downs all season.
EG.usa vs. Legacy, 34 vs. EG.ca and eMazing Gaming vs. iDemise finish out the matches on schedule for tonight.

Only MoB Gaming and x3o have scheduled their match so far; it is scheduled for 9:00pm tonight.

View the schedule here.

Insider eSports will be updating the scores as they come in, located here.

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