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TCA Announces NA Team

INSIDER ESPORTS - Two former Insider eSports contributors and others invited to The Code Alliance for North America.

The COD Alliance has decided to add both staff and teams from North America.

One of the newly added staff members J-C "Se1Ko" Gaudet, former Insider eSports CoD contributor, had the following statement:

"Today marks an important day for the North American Call of Duty community. We finally have all the community leaders, from both North America and Europe, coming together to unify decisions that are for the competitive community in an effort to raise our game to new heights. This intersection between the North American and European communities sends a clear message to both amateur and professional players alike that we are willing to stand by Call of Duty and improve not only the game, but the community itself every day."

Gaudet will be working with the Ian "ianLP" Tannehill - CoD4 Head at CEVO - and Tim "TimL" Lampman of the CALeague.  In addition, Ted "sang" Ottey and Kyle "Hackett" Feeley - two lead media talents - will be working with TCA as well.

The addition of the seven North American teams brings TCA's team list to 23 teams.


 The new TCA NA Staff members:

Ted "sang" Ottey (NA Media Talent - Media, United States.)
J-C "Se1Ko" Gaudet (NA Representative - Montreal, Canada.)
Kyle "Hackett" Feeley (NA Media Talent - Bridgewater, United States.)
Tim "TimL" Lampman (CAL CoD Admin - Hamilton, Canada.)
Ian "ianLP" Tannehill (CEVO CoD Admin - Ruston, United States.)


The new TCA North American member teams:

Team Pandemic
x3o Gaming
MoB Gaming
MoB Deep
Team Dynamic
BackSlash Gaming

All of the teams included in TCA are now voting for the changes they want to happen to the next version of Promod. The changes that attracted the most attention will surely be visible as soon as Promod 4 reaches the players.

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quote#1 CA Justin 16/02/2009 - 16:42:23
Good group of guys, hopefully the TCA will unite Europe and North America.

quote#2 US moGwai 07/03/2009 - 23:49:26
Good organization coming from these guys. This is awesome momentum that we need.

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