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YDK.ME Adds Two

INSIDER ESPORTS - YDK.ME adds two former n!faculty players, Daniel 'frigh' Enderle and Gerhard 'gerdi' Grimm.

Recently the more or less unknown organization known as You Don't know me? announced some changes in their Counter-Strike lineup.  Phillip 'pacular' Renk will become a substitue and in his place will be two former n!faculty players, Daniel 'frigh' Enderle and Gerhard 'gerdi' Grimm. 

"After the disappointment of human n! Faculty, I am pleased that Gerdi and so I quickly found a new team and we thank you for the warm welcome at ydk.me. There have been over the last few days a couple of offers, we have decided to ydk.me," Daniel "frigh" Enderle comments.

YDK.ME now looks like this:

Adrian 'Aika' Schunke
Eduard 'eddy' Schmidt
Daniel 'frigh' Enderle
Gerhard 'gerdi' Grimm
Johannes 'threeman' Droste

Phillip 'pacular' Renk (Substitute)
Andreas 'AlieNjoE' Ilg (Substitute)
Bernd 'b4rnd' Mai (Substitute)

"I was particularly pleasant atmosphere among the players liked and we think that the team properly potential. Of course, to be seen how the whole thing, but we think that with sufficient training, we also can achieve good results. The next EPS Season securely holds some surprises and we will be one of them" Enderle added.

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