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D4 Gaming Adds Three

INSIDER ESPORTS - French Dimension 4 Gaming adds dr4z, Mayers and OliGan to the roster.

After the French team was stuck with only 4 players after the French EPS Finals, D4 Gaming more commonly known as Dimension4 extends their roster to 6.

An interview on Team-aaa.com reveals that in light of the recent roster change, Dimitri 'dim2k' Larue will be promoted to team leader and with that the task of building a new team that owuld be able to compete.

"The recruitment of dim2k registers with D4's vision of having a strong team that would reunite experience, discipline and talent," Bertrand 'mimoza' Caty says. "We put Dimitri in charge of building a team that would be worthy to represent D4 at the highest level."

With the loss of Judicaél 'JED' Chaub and Christopher 'YiiKoN' Cavecchi earlier this week Larue makes the additions of Julien 'MaYeRs' Riviere, Romain 'dr4z' Mefret and Frederic 'OliGan' Ngor all from previous top french teams such as Good Game, Dimension4, and paradise.Crew. Now with a total of six players, Voykan 'MAZZA' Rajovic will become the 6th man for D4 Gaming, ready to stand-in or substitute, should any of the other five not be able to compete. D4 Gaming's next major event will be Dreamhack in the middle of March. This should be a nice showing prior to the French WCG qualifiers hosted by Gamer Assembly in April.

As of now the starting lineup for 2009 looks to be:

Dimitri "dim2k" Larue
Nabil "AXION" Ouache
Frédéric "OliGan" Ngor
Julien "MaYeRs" Rivière
Romain "dr4z" Méfret


Voykan 'MAZZA' Rajovic (Backup)

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