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UKeSa Premier Teams Announced

INSIDER ESPORTS - The United Kingdom eSports Association (UKeSa) announces players and teams for their premier league who will be fighting for £13,000.

Today The United Kingdom eSports Association(UKeSa) has announced the players and teams that will be competing for the hefty prize pot of £13,000  in its top tier division the Dell XPS Premiership. For those that are unfamiliar to the UKeSA(sponsored by Be Broadband the leader in UK Broadband services), it is a league that has been in the works since the last quarter of 2008. The UKeSA is outlined in a multi-tier structure much like that of CyberEvolution with a total prize pot of £40,000 sprawling its various events and competitions.

Counter-Strike: Source

Crack! Clan
Fragmasters Toxic
Reason Gaming
Team Coolermaster
Team Dignitas
The Last Resort

Call of Duty IV: Modern Warfare

Button Bashers
Crack! Clan
Reason Gaming
Team Coolermaster
Team Dignitas
Trademark Gamers


Klash16 - immenSe
ChriSSyB - Team Dignitas
dignitasBazza - Team Dignitas
nvg | hughjarse - Nervous Gamers
Dignitas Motown - Team Dignitas
TI SeNSaTIoN - The Imperial
TmG mongoose - Trademark Gamers

Team Fortress 2

Crack! Clan
Nervous Gamers
Team Coolermaster
Team Dignitas (Formerly of 4kings)
The Imperial
Trademark Gamers (Formerly of Ubers3xuals)
Weapson of the Rebellion


More information on this new and exciting league is provided here.

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