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Fnatic announces Game Idol

INSIDER ESPORTS - Fnatic announces Game Idol, which gives anyone sixteen or older the chance to become a professional player.

Earlier today fnatic presented a Game Idol, a new strategy for finding their Source team.   Game Idol is similar to CompLexity's C3 Challenge; simply a tournament where the winners walk away with a contract which makes them the new fnatic.CSS, free LAN travel, five laptops from MSI and SteelSeries products as well.

To apply to this tournament you have to be at least 16 years old and your team must consist of five players, of whom at least three must be UK players. Additionally, none of the players can have a contract running longer than to the 21st of February 2009.

The application form will be closed at the 20th of February and the tournament will
start at the 21st.

You can view the full announcement here.

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