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“Impossible is nothing.” (Adidas)

Today, I was sitting in my science class and my teacher said something that to me seemed very logical. Nothing is impossible, just highly improbable. One of the theories in the cell theory is that all cells come from pre-existing cells meaning spontaneous generation is impossible. With that said, the question would be, how did the first cell come to be? It would have had to been created somehow even if it had come from another planet onto Earth. Anyways, this is not a science class so I’ll leave it at that.

My real purpose in writing this is to prove to people that become easily discouraged that as long as one has the desire and dedication, then one can achieve anything. Last night I read a very interesting article (http://ezinearticles.com/?Success:-Thats-Just-Where-It-Starts---With-A-Dream&id=108035) before I went to bed and it led me to do some thinking. To something I know more about and can relate to more in a topic like this is the entertainment industry. As some of you may or may not know, I’m a guitar player and I enjoy listening to music with guitar in it (especially those with an acoustic guitar), so naturally when someone bought me a Taylor Swift CD, I popped it in and started listening to it. It sounded pretty good to me, the type of music I prefer to at times (I listen to a lot of things). It led me to do some research and I found out that she had gone down to Nashville looking for a contract, but was turned down by labels and faced rejection from her peers at the age of eleven. She didn’t give up and had a dream of getting a record deal and look where it got her. She now has two albums – Taylor Swift (3x Multi-Platinum in US and Platinum in Canada) and Fearless (2x Platinum in Canada).

Now to a topic most of you will probably know more about – Complexity. It didn’t just start out of nowhere and I don’t know the full story, but I know enough to know how I want this paragraph to go. It was founded by Jason Lake years ago and it was also Mr. Lake who put his money on the line for a game that could have backfired on him. He had the desire to put together the best team we’ve ever seen and he made sure his team had the dedication to play a game they all love to play. It had started with a dream that turned into reality. Now, in 2009, Complexity is one of the most known teams in the eSports scene. It takes a lot of heart for someone who’s put so much into eSports to be able continue despite all that has happened over the last decade.

If those two examples don’t put a picture in your head maybe this might. For those have you who have seen the movie “Rudy”, you would know where I am going with this. It starts off with a little boy playing football with his brothers and friends. His family are big Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans and he had a dream going to Notre Dame and running out of the tunnel. However, throughout his whole life, everyone has always told him he was not athletic enough, big enough or smart enough. When he finally made it to Notre Dame, he made the team, but didn’t ever dress. He practiced at 150% and kept getting up despite being knocked down repetitively. Rudy earned the respect from his teammates even though they didn’t like him in the beginning. Thanks to his hard work and his desire, in Rudy’s final game of his senior year he ran out of the tunnel and got a sack on the QB in the last play of the movie.

Hopefully that will put some sort of picture in your head. The point I am trying to make can easily be summed in two quotes. One of the quotes is by Adidas and has already been stated once; “Impossible is nothing.” The other quote is more of a personal quote and I haven’t seen it part of anything else yet and that quote you will find at the end of this blog.

Now into my personal life, some of you may have seen my posts around the Complexity forums about a MacBook and an external HDD. I will most likely be picking up a MacBook over the next few weeks, and tomorrow I will most likely be picking up a Western Digital Elements 1TB or a Western Digital MyBook 500GB. I also bought a new acoustic guitar today (post will be edited and pictures will be put up tomorrow) and have been playing since I got home so right now, not only do my fingers feel like they are going to bleed, they feel like they are going to fall off. To stay more on topic, I have a dream of going into the entertainment industry, whether it’s in music or something else. I picked up a personal side project while writing these blogs that involve music and I have another side project I want to try that may be announced over the next few weeks.

Anyways, with this, I leave you to think about your dreams and how you can achieve them and two quotes (one I have used before in another blog).

“It starts with a dream.”

“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably.” (Walt Disney)

- Kai

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