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Source - Tips to improving your game

Source - Tips to improving your game

Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Adam and I go by the alias of xperience.

I have played for such teams as unReal skillz, Project Circuit, FEVER, and Cyber Revolution. The majority of them I lead and helped teach the players everything I knew and understood about the game. I was once the one who wanted to be the star player, but quickly realized I knew a lot and could take what I know and use it to my advantage by teaching it to my teammates.

This is going to be the first post of many, possibly I will make a series of these if I get a good response. Just so we make it clear that I do know what I am talking about to an extent, I have won various LANs, won CEVOm, CEVOp, 2 x CALi (Once undefeated), CALm, and I'm sure there are others. So I'm not some CALopen kid attempting to give you tips. I do have knowledge of the game.

I wanted to start off by giving a list of things you can do to quickly improve your game.

1. Watch a lot of demos.

I cannot stress this enough, this is the only way to cheat experience. Many players have taken years to acquire the knowledge they have gained and you can learn a huge amount by watching and understanding what they are doing.

It is one thing to watch a demo, but another thing to analyze and be able to understand why a player did something and how he put himself in the situation to do such a thing.

2. Get lessons if you must.

There is nothing wrong in getting lessons. Players can teach you a lot of things that you were unaware of or may be even you were aware of but didn't make use of. You get a different insight to the game and it only adds more that you can add to your arsenal of knowledge.

3. Don't stick with a team if....

Don't waste your time with a team that isn't as dedicated as you. Counter-Strike is a lot about politics, you can become the best player, but still be stuck in the lower leagues because you didn't play the politics games. My point is though, if you are playing say with your friends and they aren't gaining the skill level that you are, you are hurting your self by sticking around. I learned the hard way and this is something you really need to pay attention to. Don't leave a team just because they aren't the best and make sure you don't over ego-ize yourself.

4. Play, play, play

Play as much as you can, with whoever you can. The more you do, the more you learn. It's simple as that, you cannot learn something and fully understand it without doing it. You can read a book on creating atoms bombs, but you cannot create an atom bomb with your brain. You have to go and actually do it.

This is just a starters list. I will add more and get more in-depth with all the details in later blogs.

If I get a good response, I will post more, and reveal as many tips as I am capable of !

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quote#1 US Ghost 13/02/2009 - 21:26:55
Solid article for beginners.. Hey whatever happened to Fever? I knew Garrick a while back, but you guys must have quit when I was taking a break.

quote#2 US Dale 28/02/2009 - 22:24:44
This was a nice little read, I agree with all of these tips and I'd advise all beginning players or players trying further their understanding of the game to stay tuned to this mans blog!

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