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Lincoln 'fnx' Lau to firegamers

INSIDER ESPORTS – Only two days after leaving MiBR, Fnx joins firegamers.

It didn’t take Lincoln ‘fnx’ Lau to find a new home after leaving MiBR just two days ago. Lau will join the likes of former teammates Bruno ‘Bruno’ Ono and Bruno ‘bit’ Lima at team firegamers.

Former MiBR player, Bruno ‘bit’ Lima made a statement on www.team-dignitas.org, saying “Well, since spacca told us that he was going to play with mibr, we started asking who should be our last player and of course we wanted fnx on it, he's probably the best brazillian player and gonna be a great player for us without any doubt.”

This decision comes off the back of former player Guilherme 'spacca' Spacca joining MiBR, essentially making it a player trade between the teams.

The firegamer roster stands as:

Bruno 'bit' Lima
Bruno 'bruno' Ono
Olavo 'cky' Napoleão
Arthur 'prd' Resende
Lincoln 'fnx' Lau

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