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Trademark Gamers Add TF2 Team

INSIDER ESPORTS - Trademark Gamers add Ubersexuals, currently ranked second on Cadred.org's Top 10 Rankings.

Trademark Gamers added a Team Fortress 2 team today, previously known as Ubersexuals.  The team is ranked second at Cadred's top 10 ranking – which includes teams for all over Europe – and they are looking to improve to the best at the UKeSA event.

Gavin "Geepak" Weeks is very excited about his new team.

"This team has effectively been together for around 14 months now in various guises. We've avoided the MGO zerg thus far but with the advent of UKeSA and having conversed with the TMGamers management for a few days now.” He said.  “We're all genuinely excited to get in to the organization and start proving our abilities. We've sorted our recruitment and we're really starting to move forward again. I'm confident that it's simply a matter of time until we're better than ever, placing TmG.TF2 at the top of the European TF2 scene."

TmG.TF2 now stands as:

Duncan "dunc" Wraight
Jaakko "haza" Pelinappula
Marius "skre" Taraldsvik
Mikko "snap" Tuominen
Ricky "sommie" Eriksson
Sindre "treigzak" Børresen
Karl "weqo" Terävä
Kai "Rubber Johnny" Kuthan

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