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Former 4Kings.TF2 Joins Dignitas

INSIDER ESPORTS - Former 4Kings.TF2 takes little time to move on to Team Dignitas.

Yesterday we reported that the 4Kings.TF2 team departed from the 4Kings organization, unsure of where they would land. This morning though, Team Dignitas picked up the team who -according to many - is one of the best teams in the world.

"The Team Fortress 2 community is one of the friendliest communities we have come across in gaming; it resembles the Battlefield 1942 community a lot so how can we not support it? The game itself has grown steadily and we are optimistic about the future. We are delighted to be able to sign the number one Team Fortress 2 team to our organisation; they have proved they have the skills and attitude to stay on top and we hope for prosperous times ahead," Fredrik "NewmaN" Reinius, Business Development Director of Dignitas, said about the new team.

One of the team’s players, Mickael "Mick" Fernandez comments, "Dignitas is one of the most respected gaming organizations in Europe and having been chosen to represent them in Team Fortress 2 means a great deal to us. Having reached an understanding with Dignitas, we look in to the future with great anticipation. We believe that our partnership with them will greatly benefit not only us and Dignitas but the whole of Team Fortress 2 scene. We also hope that other respected gaming organizations follow Dignitas' lead in picking up TF2 squads and actively supporting the growth of the scene

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