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ESEA Announces Map Creation Team

ESPORTSEA.COM - ESEA announces a new map creation team, which will be designing brand new maps for ESEA League play.

In hopes of expanding the maps provided for tournament-goers, ESEA announced the addition of several mapmakers, namely Bryan “samples” Dugan, Ted "cashed" McIlwain, Blake "dootcher" Dutcher, Al “Drax” Mendoza, Colin "brute" Volrath.

"Thinking back to the first time I ever loaded Counter-Strike, I think like many first timers, I ended up playing hours and upon hours of de_dust" owner Craig Levine said. "Soon after I started playing competitively and eventually managing professionally, but there haven’t been too many (arguably any) truly successful new competitive maps."

ESEA also stated they they would work with a team of CS legends and professionals every step along the way.  These players include Ksharp. moto, and Irukandji-wp- (drew), Warden, Vesslan and Heaton.

"Over the next 7 – 10 days we’ll all meet and go through each map giving some basic thoughts and feedback. We’ll likely repeat this step a few times as we hammer out the inherent challenges" the ESEA announcement added.

Those who worry that ESEA might make poor decisions in their maps do not need to fear.  ESEA stated the "important aspects in a competitive map", listed below:

  • Three wings (left, middle, right from T point of view to attack)
  • Limit elevation advantage, creates neat, unique aspect in some parts, though
  • Multiple, semi-open chokepoints – no separation of clear CT/T positions
  • Flexibility for terrorists to attack multiple spots while having freedom to "work"
  • Not too many long corridors for AWPs to dominate
  • Potential for CTs to rotate simply, not too big, not too small (no b site cbble spots)


The full announcement can be found here.

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