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4Kings.TF2 Part Ways with Organization

INSIDER ESPORTS - 4Kings.TF2 leaves the organization to seek a new future.

"Having thought about our squad’s future collectively for a while now, we have decided to part ways with our long time supporter, Four Kings” team leader Mickael “Mick” Fernandez told Cadred.org.  The team had been with 4Kings for nearly two full years, but say that this is a peaceful departure.

The 4Kings.TF2 team is widely considered one of, if not the best, team in Team Fortress 2 with many first place finishes and a top three in nearly every ranking.  The team has not decided what they will do now that they have left 4Kings.

“Having worked with the organization since October 2007, this decision was not easy to make. Four Kings has been great for us, supporting and helping us through a many online competitions and especially the PCGS LAN, in which we could not have even participated without the support of Four Kings" Fernandez added.

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