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CEVO P Week 4.1 Predictions

INSIDER ESPORTS - Michael Fleming is back with another set of CEVO predictions.

Hey again, everyone.  The second half of the week went a lot better for me then the first.  I only predicted for four of the matches (one was played early), but I did go 3-1.  The only match I was wrong with was Frag Dominant vs. eMazing Gaming and, again, I think it had to do with the map.  eMg is good on de_dust2.

Tonight should be not much different.  I only see two matches that I think will be a challenge to predict - eMazing Gaming vs. Gravitas Gaming and EG.usa vs. iDemise. The others should be little to no problem.

Here are my 4.1 predictions:


eMazing Gaming vs. Gravitas Gaming

eMazing Gaming played well on de_dust2, taking down Frag Dominant and Team 34.  Niether of those teams are the best in the division, but they are certainly decent, if not in the top five.  Gravitas was undefeated up until EG.usa met up with them last week.  I - and most - consider Gravitas a very good team, if not the best, in America right now.  eMg has just been struggling and I consider their de_dust2 wins good, but not great; everyone knows they have skill but their teamwork hasn't reflected onto other maps.

The Prediction:

Gravitas Gaming will take this game.  Their teamwork is exceptional and their skill easily matches eMg's.  Unless eMg has picked up their practice schedule or just love de_train, Gravitas should take this game, 16-11.


Team 34 vs. Frag DominantTeam 34 might take this match, but peawok doesn't think it will happen.

Team 34 didn't do very well last week, losing both their matches in a near blowout.  Frag Dominant did well beating EG.usa, but then took an unfortunate and unexpected - to me at least - match against eMazing Gaming.  Frag Dominant is currently 4-2 - directly behind x3o and Gravitas - and will be looking to keep up with a win tonight.  Team 34 needs to get back on the right track.

The Prediction:

I can't see Team 34 taking this match.  Frag Dominant is a very good team - I'd even consider them somewhat unappreciated in the community - and they should have no trouble holding their own against Team 34.  Unless Team 34 has worked this map like they did de_inferno, I don't think FD will lose.  However, I will say that Team 34 needs a strong terrorist side tonight.  If they score more than four rounds, Frag Dominant could be in trouble.  Still, I think the safe prediction is Frag Dominant wins this, 16-12.


"EG.usa will win this game 16-11."EG.usa vs. iDemise

iDemise has looked pretty pitiful, but solid play and practice on de_forge shows that if they really work their maps they can control a game.  EG.usa has been struggling so far this season and only their win against Gravitas Gaming last week was "good", so iDemise - with solid practice - might be able to take this match.  EG.usa is still being flamed even with their most recent win over Gravitas, so they'll be looking to get on their first win streak tonight and back in the hearts of fans.

The Prediction:

I think EG.usa has picked up their game, whereas iDemise has looked pretty bad overall.  EG.usa should have no trouble taking this game unless iDemise has really devoted time to de_nuke.  I think EG will take this game, 16-11.  It might be a little closer if iDemise has been practicing hard for this week, though.


x3o vs. Legacy

I think I can sum this prediction up in one sentence; x3o will dominate this game.  That's not to say Legacy is a bad team - they did beat EG.ca recently - they just have nothing going for them against arguably the best team in the league.  x3o's only loss is to Gravitas Gaming but otherwise they have been a near perfect team.  Legacy will need a lot of luck - and long, hard practices - to have a shot against x3o.

The Prediction:

I might give up predicting if Legacy wins this match.  The only way I see x3o losing this match is if they get sloppy.  Legacy's only hope is they find momentum with an eleven round CT half or the first four rounds on Terrorist.  Otherwise, x3o will win this game 16-9.


MoB Gaming will win, 16-12MoB Gaming vs. EG.ca

Regardless of popular opinion, EG.ca has had good moments.  They beat iDemise and eMazing Gaming and even took Gravitas to overtime.  I think they just haven't found their consistency and unfortunetly I think they will be missing the playoffs, but certainly getting better throughout.  I'd compare them to the 0-6 or so Carolina Panthers back in NFL 2005 or so.  I think they'll turn out the same way they did; winning seven of their last eight, but still not making playoffs.  Okay, maybe not that good, but I think they'll win a few more before the season is over.  MoB Gaming dominated Team 34 and Legacy on de_dust2, which might just be the momentum they need to keep moving up in the standings.

The Prediction:

MoB Gaming should take this match.  EG.ca certainly has a shot, but a great one.  Unless something goes awry with MoB, they should take this match.  MoB will win this in a reasonably close 16-12 game.

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