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EG.ca over MoB in CEVO P Week 4.1

INSIDER ESPORTS - CEVO Professional 4.1 action continues with two critical matches - Gravitas Gaming vs. eMazing Gaming and Frag Dominant vs. Team 34 - on de_nuke.

After last weeks key matches - including both undefeated teams (x3o and GG) dropping their first match - the teams will be looking to pick up steam as we near the second half of the regular season.  The other unpredictable match is eMazing Gaming vs. Gravitas Gaming.  eMg has picked up with two solid wins on de_dust2 while Gravitas dropped their first game to the struggling EG.usa team.

Team 34 will be going up against Frag Dominant.  Team 34 looked pretty good up until their latest thrashings on de_dust2 (16-7, 16-6), so tonight will be key as to whether they are a serious playoff contender.  Additionally, the winner of this match will move up in the standings and closer to securing their spot for the playoffs.

EG.usa will play iDemise, who has yet to win on a map aside from de_forge.  With two straight losses, iDemise is looking to get back in the hunt tonight against a struggling EG.usa, who recently beat the undefeated Gravitas Gaming.

x3o vs. Legacy and MoB Gaming vs. EG.ca round off tonight's matches.

Insider eSports will be updating our scores, as always.  You can view them here.

View the incompleted matches here.

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