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AMD Dropping SK-Gaming, WCG?

INSIDER ESPORTS - The worldwide economic recession continues to hit eSports hard, as AMD closes "all larger eSport sponsorships, due to the economical situation."

The German online news portal Spiegel.de reports, through a quote by AMD representative Friederike Gonzalez, that "due to the economical situation, all larger eSport sponsorships will come to an end. That includes sponsorships for the World Cyber Games as well as for the German team SK Gaming."

Additionally, Spiegel.de contacted mTw's public relations manager Sebastian Conrad who says that the the Warcraft 3 scene is pushed back to a level where it has been years ago, since now good players don't  earn "1,000 to 2,000 Euros [a month]... but 500 to 600 Euros [a month]."

"SK will not suffer," says Adreas Thorstensson, SK Gaming's owner to mymym.com. SK Gaming manager Alexander Muller added that "we [SK] are looking for new partners". AMD was the title parnter for both SK and WCG.  At the end of last year, AMD dropped mTw and also announced that they would be cutting over 1,000 employees.

In the same article by Speigel.de, Intel announced that they do not plan to end their long time partnership with the biggest league operator in the world - ESL - before the CeBIT event which will take place in early March - though they plan to review their financial involvement within eSports after the event.  "I can neither confirm nor deny [Intel's involvement after CeBIT]," an Intel spokesman said.

The ESL already made a 35,000 cut in the German EPS.  GotFrag.com contacted ESL, who stated that the situation is not entirely how Spiegel.de presented it and will be making an announcement soon.

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quote#1 US Ghost 12/02/2009 - 19:22:53
It's so sad to see eSports take this big of a hit due to the worldwide economic recession, but I'm sure the majority of the eSports community knew it was coming.

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