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CEVO-P Placement Teams Confirmed

CYBER EVOLUTION – CEVO, LCC has confirmed the twenty five teams for CS 1.6 Season Ten placement tournament.


CEVO confirmed the twenty five teams in the CEVO Professional placement tournament for Counter Strike 1.6.  Here is part of the official announcement:

“The Professional Placement Tournament consists of 25 teams in a group play format, with the top three teams from each group moving on to a sixteen team double elimination bracket. Seeds for the double elimination bracket will be determined by group CPI. Among these 25 teams there are six teams from CEVO-P season 9, the top twelve teams from CEVO-M Season 9, the top two teams from the Atomic Theory Tournament, and five wildcards. Out of these 25 teams, the top 4 teams will advance to the CEVO-P Division. The 21 teams that do not qualify for the Professional Division will receive automatic invitations to the Main Division (CEVO-M).”

Fans should notice that JMC is included in the tournament.  They are currently placed as the seventeenth seed.  In a statement on jmcgaming.net, JMC states that:

“Just announced moments ago, CEVO has decided to extend its start date of the Counter-Strike 1.6 Season 10 Professional Placement Tournament. What does that mean for JMC Gaming? We have decided that we are entering the tournament in pug-style fashion to take on some of USA's top talent such as: Mug N Mouse, zEx and Green Berets. The reason for our unique style of play in this particular event is because some of the players are still finishing up a intense round of CS:Source play as they lead their division in 1st place going into the playoffs on January 10th & 11th.”

Statements from CEVO were not available at the time of this posting.

The CS 1.6 Season 10 Placement teams are, as follows:

1. Dynasty Gaming (CEVO-P 8th)
2. Mug N Mouse (CEVO-P 9th)
3. Devastation (CEVO-P 11th)
4. zEx (CEVO-M 1st)
5. Sway Gaming (CEVO-M 2nd)
6. The Realist Project (CEVO-M 3rd)
8. Phoenix Connection (CEVO-M 5th/6th)
9. Green Berets (CEVO-M 5th/6th)
10. DEVIANT.AXIS (CEVO-M 7th/8th)
11. backfire (Atomic Theory Winner)
12. zeroFaith (Atomic Theory Winner)
13. Hyeng's Money Crew (CEVO-M 9th-12th)
14. dscapE.b$ (CEVO-M 9th-12th)
15. Dynamo (CEVO-M 9th-12th)
16. 34 (CEVO-M 9th-12th)
17. JMC (Application Spot)
18. Enhanced (Application Spot)
19. Mirrored (Application Spot)
20. SLP (Application Spot)
21. Something Tasteful (Application Spot)
22. North Stars United (Application Spot)
23. Pulse Gaming (Application Spot)
24. Paragon of Virtue (Application Spot)
25. To the Dome (Wildcard)

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