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4Kings With Changes; Jakem Out, Callisto In

INSIDER ESPORTS - 4Kings brings in Jack "Callisto" Mason and drops Jake "jakem" McCausland to "achieve the high goals for this year".

“The only thing I can say is that the player change is regarding the motivation and what the team's goal for 2009 will be. After the EPS finals the guys got a boost to really set some high goals and therefore they will need players with the ultimate motivation and discipline” new manager Shayan Taleb said.

The winning team of the ESL UK Pro Series yesterday decided to make some changes in the lineup. Shayan Taleb tells us that “the team needs the changes to achieve the high goals for this year”.  Instead of Jake "jakem" McCausland, the team will now use Jack "Callisto" Mason. The lineup will visit LAN events in Great Britain and Europe.  Along with LAN events, the team will once again attend the EPS and try their luck in the upcoming UKeSA league.

“I'd like to thank 4kings for giving me the opportunity to play in their cs source team. James, cauzed, alex and dumbazo are all excellent players and I am looking forward to playing with them in EPS, ukesa and attending any LANs we may go to.” Mason added. “We're going to be practicing hard and hopefully we can go further now and improve on their success at the EPS finals. Pez came to me last week about playing with the team and it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. I’ve been enjoying playing with H2O/GLG on a more casual level but seeing 4kings win at EPS made me jealous and inspired me to get back into a more serious team who will be attending more UK and European LANS. Good luck to all the GLG boys and pms girls, CU@I36 :)”

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