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A Response to Mike's Poem

CHHS LAN 2k9 Announced


INSIDER ESPORTS - CHHS LAN 2k9 has announced it's tournament date,  time, and event information. High caliber names in attendance.


 A new LAN tournament - CHHS LAN 2k9 - is set to open it's doors March 14th, in Chino Hills, California. The event will provide tournaments for, Counter-Srike: Source, Madden 09, Smash Bros Brawl, and Halo 3. Prize pots vary for each tournament and are subject to change in accordance to attendance. CHHS 2k9 will be having some notable names in attendance, such as Yazan "Clown" Amari, Moe "Moe" Assad, and Carlo "al|ve" Ortega among others. 

The CSS tournament is BYOC and starts at 11AM until closing. It's a double elimination format, with 11 of 16 teams confirmed. If you are not competing, or just couldn't grab a spot, there will be raffles company booths, food sold on premeses, and free games like Rock Band available for everyone.

General information is provided below as well as on their website.


Bobby Omari, the event organizer had this to say,

"This LAN is the first we are doing. We are going to have 150 seats for the LAN. We have food, company booths, and a lot of prizes and giveaways. Our sponsors are Cooler Master, Best Buy, Bawls, Fatal1ty, EVGA, Howie's Game Shack, and a whole lot more. Some booths we are going to have are ASN Computers booth, which are a partnership with Intel and Nvidia, Cooler Master, hopefully EVGA, and more."

 He went on to add, "We are having NVIDIA's new 3D Vision demo for people to tryout CSS 3D and more! Lot's if giveaways from the vendors and sponsors. We will be having a CSS, Halo 3, Brawl, and Madden 2009 tournament"



Date: Sat. March 14th

Venue: CHHS Multipurpose Room

           16150 Pomona Rincon Rd.

           Chino Hills, CA 91709

Time: 9:00AM - 5:30PM

Admission: $7.00


For more info, head on over to http://chhslan.webs.com !


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quote#1 US Portland 11/02/2009 - 22:40:33
Awesome! Hope it goes well!

quote#2 US phunk 12/02/2009 - 07:16:34
Should be an interesting event. We'll see.

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