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INSIDER ESPORTS - CompLexity recieves the final invite to the KODE 5 USA Regionals.

KODE5 has announced that Complexity will be joining the list of invites - x3o, Gravitas, and EG.usa - to the KODE5 USA Regionals in March. These four teams will battle it out for their chance represent the United States.

"We're very excited and grateful to be a part of Kode5 USA. Kode5 has been doing great things around the world of eSports and we will do our best to represent our nation in Moscow" Jason Lake, CEO of Complexity Gaming, said on their website.

The winner of the USA Regionals will go to Moscow, Russa, to compete in the Grand Finals. All HLTV info will be available HERE.

"I'm glad we were chosen to attend USA KODE5 qualifier.  We will be practicing really hard and will be sure not to disappoint," Erik "da bears" Stromberg, a Complexity.cs player, said.

"The compLexity Gaming brand is one of the most established in the US Counter-Strike scene, and for good reason. Having represented the US numerous times, they are a strong pick for the KODE5 USA Regional Finals," Thomas Kubeck, a KODE5 representative added.

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