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Pandemic Drops TF2 Team, Adds iDemise

INSIDER ESPORTS - Pandemic releases champion Team Fortress 2 squad because of “business and ethics” and replaces them with iDemise.TF2.

Pandemic in the recent months have been renowned for their domination of the TF2 circuit, winning almost every event they enter.  In rather shocking news, however,  Pandemic announces that they have released the former team in place of the only team that has beaten them, Team iDemise. "This new team," Lemley, owner of pandemic said, "hopes to excel to greater heights then what was seen with the former TF2 team".

The old Team Fortress 2 team is rumored to be off to CompLexity Gaming.  CompLexity has yet to confirm this addition.

The full press release from teampandemic.net below:

Conway, Arkansas - January 26, 2009 -TeamPandemic, LLC. has announced the release of its former Team Fortress 2 division and the acquisition of the lineup formerly known as iDemise.

The new team will consist of six individuals all from decorated first-person-shooter backgrounds including a CPL champion, a Quakecon champion, and a laundry list of accomplishments and awards dating back a full decade.

"Our former team achieved great success during their time under our banner," said Pandemic President Chris Lemley in noting the departure of the former Pandemic.TF2 and defending CEVO-P champs. "At the end of the day however, we can't forget that professional gaming is a business. Business and ethics forced my hand today, and I feel confident that I've done my very best in not finding their 'replacement' but instead finding a lineup that will become the next Team Fortress champion."

“Through our team's combined years in gaming, we have been constantly driven to perform among the best," said Ryan "Paladin" Foley of the former iDemise squad. "Pandemic is a top name in American esports, and our partnership with them is a great honor. We look forward to continuing the tradition of steady success that this team has been founded upon, and we will dedicate ourselves to proving that we can supplant this particular division's past."

2009 Team Pandemic Team Fortress 2 Roster:
Daniel "carnage" Sturdivant
Evan "GluE" Aschow
Matt "rem" Barry
Kyle "relic" Mims
Tony "pheLoN" DiDomenico
Ryan "Paladin" Foley

The new lineup will be competing in CEVO-P and ESEA online leagues in addition to the currently ongoing GotFrag Invitational. They can first be seen in action tomorrow night against Sway at 9:00pm CST; and if they win, they'll immediately come face to face with their predcessors in the tournament's grand final.

About TeamPandemic, LLC.:
Team Pandemic is a five year old professional gaming organization that currently represents championship divisions in World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, FIFA Soccer, and Guitar Hero. The team has also enjoyed past successes in a variety of titles such as the Quake series, CS:Source, and Day of Defeat.

In 2007, the team solidified itself as one of the elite independent multi-gaming brands, winning seven World Series of Video Games championships, accumulating more than $250,000 in cash and prizes, and earning nomination for the 'Worldwide Esports Team of the Year;' only the second North American team to ever do so.

Team Pandemic is supported by corporate partners Razer, Plantronics, Aim2Game, and Voicecomm and is currently incorporated as TeamPandemic, LLC under the laws of the State of Arkansas.

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