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Top Teams Make Major Adjustments

INSIDER ESPORTS - Pandemic, x3o, and Dynamic all welcome new players to their rosters.

With CEVO-Professional season three quickly approaching and $3,500 up for grabs teams have been making final adjustments to their rosters. The recent disbandment of the 50 Calibre roster had five skilled players now looking for new teams.

One of the first signs of disbandment from 50 Calibre took place from the recent move from Pure Gaming, adding Gladia7or and Limitless to their already talented roster. Pandemic, Dynamic, and x3o all accepted new teammates in the past couple of weeks, including Nicolas “Nicolas” Aubin, Mike “jtf2” Empey, Preston “Juv3nile” Dornon and Robert “Sintax” Ryan respectively.

The most surprising move came from Team Pandemic who welcomed the now famous Nicolas, who was absolutely unknown for the majority of the community before Call of Duty 4 came out. His Call of Duty 2 night matches with former team mate Simon “Elek” Thibeault in 2 vs. 2 headquarters have been discussed by the whole community, both in a good and a bad way. However, Nic focused on proving what he had in the second edition of the NERV event, which he obviously did. Team Pandemic’s captain Nabore and teammate Keith had this to say on the recent pickup:

Nabore: “I think overall our choice to pick up Nicolas was actually not as easy as it looked.  We really were torn between two players, another in which I won't mention.  Nicolas brings an individual talent that we needed in this lineupWe always feel our core was performing higher than the last, and we hope that this pickup fixes that problem.  It's going to take Nicolas a good amount of time to get use to playing with us I feel, but in the end it’s going to probably be our strongest lineup yet.  He's fast in game and can shoot better than most, and we are looking forward to that.”

Keith: “Nicolas from the now-deceased 50cal team was picked up in place of skinz who has given up a lot of appreciated time and effort to journey his abilities in the world of Azeroth.I began to speak with Nicolas on his status in COD4, whether he was going to play or jet.  He assured me that he was going to play, either on a good team or with friends.  I told him to start playing again because he was on our radar.  As soon as I played with him the first time I knew that Nicolas was a talented player.  In scrims he just rocked.  His play style fits right in with some of the more aggressive players on the team, and he can support with an AK very effectively.  This was just a plain decision for us; we didn’t have to steal him from a team, he is a very talented player, and he has done well on LAN. Although he was a little shy when trying out, we got him to open up a bit and we liked him.  My favorite part was actually telling him he was in, he replied, “HOLY S***! Really!? I’m so glad!”.  A player with that kind of emotion and passion in his play can prove to be very valuable at all fronts. I believe picking up Nicolas will unveil an even stronger Pandemic team. I think this possibly might be the strongest roster we have had since the X-Fire tournament, so I am expecting big things for us this season.  Although CoD4 is in a revival/dying stage (Don’t even ask), we are going to give an outstanding effort to win everything that’s left until CoD4MW2.”

On the other hand, another surprising pickup has been made. Who would’ve known that Team x3o was going to make a roster move? After the unfortunate results In Nerv2 and at Nvision finishing 7/8th and 3rd when more was expected from them, they made a solid addition to their roster by welcoming former EG’s sniper: Preston “Juv3nile” Dornon who had this to say on his new role within the stronger x3o which now also includes Robert “Sintax” Ryan:

“After I got cut from EG it was a downtime for the CoD Community. Call of duty 5 had just come out and no one knew what game they wanted to play. I played a little bit in cod5 searching for a team thinking we would play that game but to no avail. Then Wow expansion came out and I pretty much just played that until the CoD community could make a decision on what game they wanted to play. Once CoD4 was announced I got a few offers but only 1 or 2 I took seriously (frag'd/x3o). I played with frag'd at the beginning and honestly it went fine and they are a good group of guys but I was looking for monetary support and while fragd is suppose to be helping them with half and the other half they will figure out some way to get paid for, I just wasn’t sure enough about the actual sponsor to say yes. I scrimmed with x3o and it went great, the roster we played with was apostle, me, grim, twista, mav/pierre(usually these 5) with me scoping so grim cant bait everyone <3 hahaha. Then it turned out apostle was addicted to wow and didn’t want to play cod4 anymore. This was a major turn-off for me, because apostle is known to be one of the better spec ops in this game and I was almost sure I was going to pick frag'd. We started to scrim with sintax instead in place of apostle and it still went surprisingly well. Sintax is in amazing player and can pretty much do/use anything. After playing two days or so with those 5 I decided x3o would be the place I would be playing. I’m diffidently glad with my decision as we have been making a lot of progress in a very short time. I can’t wait to LAN with these nerds, I am hoping we can do some damage in cevo-p/nerv 3 and anything before/after that we compete it. Shout out to x3o and all of our sponsors!”

Finally, coworker and former team mate Mike “Jtf2” Empey looked for a new home, switching from tryouts with Frag Dominant to his new home: Team Dynamic.

The last season of CEVO might have seen a lot of great teams disband, but the next season is looking really interesting! We still have to find out which player will fill the last starting position for Team EG and Frag Dominant, two established CEVO-P teams. Stay tuned for more news!

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quote#1 US sang 03/01/2009 - 22:16:02
gl boys

just thought i would also mention the author of this article is french :D

quote#2 US St_-ve 03/01/2009 - 23:23:13
From what I heard, EG isn't gonna play anymore.

quote#3 CA Se1Ko 04/01/2009 - 01:08:28
Originally posted by US St_-veFrom what I heard, EG isn't gonna play anymore.

more details will be added in our feature from ted, kyle and I

quote#4 CA kuN 04/01/2009 - 01:22:46
Nicolas, Jveux ton autographe.

quote#5 US nova` 04/01/2009 - 11:21:08
Good news sir. Nice writeup Se1Ko. ;D

quote#6 US stunna 04/01/2009 - 21:52:01
Nice writeup, good job.

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