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CEVO P Week 3.2 Predictions

INSIDER ESPORTS - Michael Fleming continues his predictions for CEVO Professional 1.6.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely Michael Fleming's and do not relate back to Insider eSports as a whole.

Hello again everyone.  Before you say anything, I know I bombed last week.  Gravitas Gaming beat x3o and Team 34 lost to eMg, and EG.usa still is struggling to get anything going.  Overall, I was 2-3, which isn't bad but certainly not what I was looking for.  This week, however, I feel the matches are more straightforward and I shouldn't have as much trouble...hopefully..

This week we, unfortunately, only have four matches to predict.  EG.ca and Legacy played last night, with Legacy picking up their first win 16-13.

Here are my predictions for the night:


Team 34 vs. MoB Gaming

Team 34 has been playing very well and much beyond what anyone would have predicted prior to the season opening.  While I wouldn't consider them top two or three, they certainly hold their own as a middle-tier CEVO-P team.  A few lucky rounds here and there against a top team and they usually can keep it close, or come out on top.  They took a loss to eMazing Gaming on Thursday, to my surprise.  Up to that point, eMg had not performed well at all.  I think it had to do with the map (de_dust2).  Regardless, for them tonight is MoB Gaming, who dominated Legacy after taking three straight losses.

The Prediction:

MoB Gaming hasn't done well so far; their wins coming from some of the "lower level" teams.  They looked good on de_dust2, that is for sure, but Team 34 has played very well, even taking Team x3o to overtime.  I certainly can't count them out.  However, MoB looked very strong and I think de_dust2 is their map, so I'm going to say that MoB Gaming wins this one, 16-12.


EG.usa vs. Gravitas Gaming

EG.usa has been underperforming and - if I can be so bold - have downright stunk so far.  EG fans are getting upset and others - especially CompLexity fans - are dancing around happily.  A good sight for Jason Lake, but I don't think Alex Garfield is all too happy right now.  If they were playing anyone else but Gravitas (and x3o) tonight, I'd say they would turn it around in a heartbeat.  My problem here is I'm not sure if they will be able to against the only remaining undefeated CEVO team.  Gravitas has looked perfect and took down x3o 16-13 last week.

The Prediction:

I know I they let me down before, but I think EG.usa will win this one.  They are surely kicking themselves for the Team 34 and Frag Dominant losses and I think they will end the Gravitas streak tonight.  EG.usa will win this one 16-13.


Team x3o vs. iDemise

Team x3o took their first loss on Thursday to Gravitas Gaming, the only other undefeated team in the league, 16-13 on de_dust2.  Personally, I think that on another map, the outcome would have been different.  x3o is one of the best - if not the best- teams in North America right now, as proven by their invite to the KODE5 USA Regional Playoffs. iDemise, while good, will have trouble against them.  They lost to EG.ca in overtime last week and x3o has a good shot to get back on track here tonight.

The Prediction:

iDemise is acting as a map by map team right now.  They played well on de_forge, but went 0-2 on de_inferno and are 0-1 on de_dust2.  I won't say that they can't win tonight, but I don't see it happening.  Team x3o is just too good and will take this game 16-11.


eMazing Gaming vs. Frag Dominant

eMazing Gaming might be turning around their 0-3 opener - finally - after winning their most recent match 16-7 over Team 34.  Frag Dominant is certainly a much bigger challenge, however.  The old EG.usa team beat the guys that took their spot on Thursday and currently are 4-1 in CEVO.  eMazing Gaming looks like they found an edge for de_dust2, but can it be enough to beat Frag Dominant?

The Prediction:

My guess is no.  Frag Dominant has looked really good all season loss - their only loss to Team x3o - and eMazing Gaming has looked off so far.  de_dust2 might be the difference maker for this game, but I think the safe bet is to say that Frag Dominant wins this 16-13.

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ok, for shits and giggles, im throwing my hat into the pred ring.



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